Motivational Speaking

Jen Hartley has been a burn survivor all but the first 15 months of her life. Not one to shy away from a topic related to her accident, recovery or trials thereafter; Jen is willing to lay it all out on the "operating room" table to inspire and motivate others through her stories of determination, humiliation and humor.

Jen's story is one of miracles and missteps, of failure and success, of depression and of joy and she is ready to share it with your group. Past events that Jen has spoken at include:

GA-Lina Walk to Emmaus Weekend (3x's)-Wrens, GA 2005-2010
Georgia Firefighters Burn Survivor Weekend-Winder, GA 2008
World Burn Congress-NYC-2009-Panel Moderator for Holistic Health
Georgia Firefighter's Recognition Day-Atlanta, GA-2011

Call to book Jen for your event.......you will walk away crying, not from sadness but from laughter in your heart and joy in your soul. 706-831-2889 or imaboiledpeanut@yahoo.com


Outcall Services

We provide outcall service to the SoCal areas including:

  • Palmdale
  • Lancaster
  • Surrounding LA county areas