Burn Scar Massage CEU Course Testimonials

"After having been a massage therapist for 10+ years, I have attended many CEUs that have proven to be useful in my professional practice of massage therapy. My experience with Jen and Chris, as well as the burn survivors, not only changed my understanding of what it means to be a survivor in any realm, but also re-established a passion for the work I am blessed to provide on an every day basis! I work in a children's hospital and I am one of the primary massage therapists in the burn unit. I found this CEU class to be one of the most influential and valuable of all the classes and conferences I have attended. The work to which Jen and Chris have dedicated their lives is truly remarkable, and I am thankful that they allowed me to participate in their class and to have the opportunity to not only learn from them, but to also stand beside them as a massage therapist performing this very important work! Thank you Jen and Chris for everything!"

Travis Duffey, MS, LMT, CIMI Inpatient Clinical Lead Massage Therapy Program Clinical Therapies Nationwide Children’s Hospital-Ohio

"I have been a massage therapist for 9 years and can honestly say that this class has changed my life. It has renewed my love for my job! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Jen, Chris and 4 other burn survivors. I work in a Children’s Hospital and am one of the primary massage therapists on the burn unit. This class gave me a whole new admiration and level of understanding of what a burn survivor goes through. I learned so much through this CEU class and have such respect for what Jen and Chris have survived and continue to do to help others! They are both so dedicated and we all felt like one big happy family during our time together! We were able to learn through laughter and tears and it was an experience I will NEVER forget! Thank you for your hard work and passion! You are both truly amazing!"

Amanda Sonk, BS, LMT, NMT, CIMT, CPMT Nationwide Children’s Hospital Division of Clinical Therapies Massage Therapist

"I'd like to thank Jen, Chris and all those involved in the Burn Scar Therapy program. I learned much vital information in the care of burn survivors. I would highly recommend this class to all therapists whether your goal is sports, relaxation or medical related massage. Again, thank you all for this tremendous learning opportunity!"

Brian Poole,LMT (Las Vegas)

"Jen and Chris, gives you the whole perspective. Not only are they professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable, they're both burn survivors! The training they provide is in depth not only in written form, orally, but also in an informative slide. Teaching a class, stories shared, the physical aspect of massage & wellness, a delightful combination, that should be experienced!”

Mavies Gascon, LMT (Las Vegas)

"Loved the team work on the presentation"

Catherine Whitsett (California)

"It’s one of the BEST workshops I have ever been to"

Tamera Trinder (California)

"Excellent presentation. Great slideshow. I also enjoyed the tag team style of teaching. The gracious and courageous burn survivor volunteers made this a priceless experience-Debra Yost"

Debra Yost(California)

"This was time well spent"

Diana Catsoulas (California)

"This is by far the best continuing education course I have ever had the pleasure of attending"

Mary Farnstrom (California)

"Thank you for a great opportunity and also being able to practice my newly learned skill on those seeking massage therapy. A very intimate workshop I am honored to be a part of"

Angela Kingshill (California)

"What an honor to learn this incredible work that makes such a difference"

Sarah Lahti (California and Oregon)

"WOW! My world my heart has expanded so much wider. You have given me such a gift"

Jan Burrell (California)

"Revealed so much medically and emotionally. Gave a good variety for learning. The best! Would absolutely recommend this workshop"

Denise Bell (California)

"I am grateful for the volunteers and other massage therapists who helped to create a sacred space in which to learn, grow and give. Powerful"

Grudin Hartig (Truckee, California)

"Loved the slides. Loved the humor. Loved the music. Loved the heart. Jen and Chris you are amazing! What you two do for the world is beautiful. Thank you for your vibration and for creating this training and offering it to us. I think there should be a training in every town"

Stacey Degooyer (Petaluma, California)

"It was a great class! The burn survivors reunion CHANGED me. I've learned so much about burn survivors and i want to get involved with burn camp."

Jenn Blair, NCMT (Augusta, Ga)

"This class is very well prepared. Jen and Chris are very educated in this modality of massage therapy. The discussions were very informative and very helpful in learning. Chris and Jen are very good teachers and i learned alot from them."

Alishia Scott, NCMT (Augusta,GA)

"Jen and Chris are outstanding, insightful instructors and their skills are readily identifiable"

Kevin Harris, NCMT (Augusta,GA)

"I really learned a lot from this class and I'm glad I participatd in it. Jen Hartley and Chris Hallwas are very thorough and passionate about this course.

Craig Robertson, NCMT (Atlanta, GA)

"Jen and Chris know what they are talking about. i am glad that they informed us that burned and scarred people are normal and want to be treated like everyone else."

Megan Henderson (Maryland)

"Jen and Chris did a fabulous job. I really enjoyed the class and learned alot. Having powerpoint presentations, handouts and burn survivors for us to work on really helped us to understand. They presented the burn community beautifully."

Denise Rybarczyk (North Carolina)

"It was powerful!"

Brian Keith (Augusta, GA)

"The information was very well conveyed and the openness of both Jen and Chris was refreshing. The hands-on portion helped me to become confident in massaging burn survivors. The class was also FUN! I would take this class again even though I feel well prepared already for this work."

Diane Thurston, MT (Texas)

"AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!! Thank you very much for the instruction and training. I look forward to doing a lot of work with you in the future. Thank you for sharing your own personal stories as well." >Brandy Barry, Massage student(San Diego, CA)

"This class was a great experience. I no longer fear working on burn patients. I would love to work a burn camp."

Raynell Sterry, MT (California)

"I enjoyed hearing the stories of the burn survivors who volunteered for the class. I appreciated the time spent introducing information related to burns (causes, categories, ect….)

Teressa Petosky, MT (North Augusta, SC)

"This class was excellent. I learn a lot of new knowledge from Chris and Jen concerning Burn Scar Massage Therapy and could not think of any way to improve this class."

Michelle Harrell, MT (Augusta, GA)

"I have attended this course in Nicaragua and in Augusta, GA. Both classes were informative. The Nicaragua course was amazing. The response Jen Hartley received from the Central American Therapists was extremely positive. They have invited her back to teach this course and asked her to handle all of Central America. I believe this course is needed in the burn scar community and treatment facilities."

Christina Hallwas, MT (Augusta, GA)

Burn Scar Massage Therapy Testimonials from Burn Survivors

(California Young Adult Retreat Participants)
*Names withheld for confidentiality

"Amazing! This was my first massage and I am happy I got one."

"It felt great, the burn scar massage is one of the things I look forward to every year."

"Beyond any relaxation I have ever experienced as a burn survivor"

"Amazing, best thing ever!!!"

"Amazing, very relaxing and I enjoyed it. I volunteer every time Chris and Jen teach a burn scar massage therapy class."

"My massage experience was excellent. I was comfortable and relax the entire time. I fully trusted Jen and Chris to work on my scars."

"Absolutely fantastic"

"The burn scar massages were the best part of the retreat!"

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